4greatpower2greatresponsibility0 asked: Haha oh you are more than welcome. I've seen your debates go on today and again I must commend you. You beat back all challengers with such confidence and for good reason. You know your shit and you know it damn well. That last one made me laugh so hard because acted like they won and they were so wrong in like every point. Keep doing you boo, you know your Spidey and you know it well. You back everything up with facts and comic book knowledge. That beats all the butthurt from everyone else lol

Bless you! As a rule of thumb, I try to be nice to each and every person I meet on tumblr. That being said, when some 16-year-old Stonefield fan that knows jack shit about the comics attacks me for defending MJ and expressing my concern over the upcoming film, politeness hour is over. I’m a fierce momma grizzly when it comes to Mary Jane Watson, as I’m sure anyone who follows this blog can tell, and I don’t take too kindly to rude people (especially when they have no frickin’ clue what they’re talking about). Anyway, thank you so much for your continued support! It’s fans like you that make running this blog worth all the time and effort.